Ciao Bella Boxed Cards

Ciao Bella

$ 19.00

Set of 10 blank notecards.

5"x 7"

Since 1998, Ciao Bella has been a publisher of note cards and greeted holiday cards. Their company name was inspired by their constant and special friend, Marjory, who's cheery greeting, "ciao bella!" always brightens the day.

For anyone who considers cats and dogs essential to a quality life, Pam Braun's designs will satisfy expressions of love, celebration, and the sporting life in a variety of styles. Look closely and you might spy a small mouse in a party hat...or perhaps a fox dressed to the nines toasting another milestone.

To you, their customers and friends, for your appreciation of their product, they say "gracias," "merci," "danke schön,"…And Ciao Bella!

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