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Microfibre Beach Towel

Dock & Bay

$ 30.00
Microfibre Beach Towel

Absorbent. Lightweight. Quick Dry. Stylish.

All Dock & Bay towels are made from high quality 220gsm suede microfiber, making them soft to touch and super absorbent.  Their microfibre is a mix of 80% polyester & 20% polyamide, giving to a plush feel, while staying thin and compact. We love microfiber because it really is so practical and convenient for use when travelling or getting out and about.  

Microfiber is a lightweight material - about 50% the weight of a cotton towel equivalent.  The fibres absorb about twice their own weight in water and suck the moisture off your skin.

Most importantly, these towels are quick drying - testing shows that microfibre dries under normal conditions about twice as fast as cotton.

Perfect for the beach, the pool, camping, backpacking, and traveling. 

Extra large 78x35"