Daschund Creamer

Fishs Eddy

$ 15.00
Daschund Creamer

This blue ceramic dachshund creamer is one of a kind! Perfect for all dog lovers, he's as cute as can be! Delight guests of your own with this unique shape, or surprise your hostess with a one-of-a-kind gift! 

2.5" L x 7" W x 4.25" H

Fish's Eddy began over 25 years ago, while the founders were driving around upstate New York in their old blue pick-up truck. They stumbled upon an old barn that was being used to store restaurant dishware from a near-by manufacturer. The barn, filled with tons of plates, bowls, platters, cups and saucers, had been in a fire. Remarkably, every single soot-covered dish was intact!

They asked the owner of the barn (yes, he was wearing overalls) if they could buy a few pieces and he said, "take it all!”. So they did.

They hauled the “ware” back to their city apartment, scrubbed non-stop for days and discovered patterns and shapes that were beautiful and classic; a real slice of American history! They knew they were on to something special … and customers agreed.

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