Kew Gardens Mini Round Candles

Botanical Collections

$ 16.00
Kew Gardens Mini Round Candles

Mini unscented candles in historical Kew Gardens pottery.  Perfect for patio dining.

Botanical Collections is the exclusive authorized American wholesaler of fine, hand-crafted Kew pottery and Kew pots from London’s Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew adorned with their official seal.  The Kew pottery is manufactured by Terrace & Garden Limited under licence from RBG Kew Enterprises Limited in the United Kingdom.

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew pottery range was developed jointly between David Jones of Terrace & Garden Limited and Quincy Leon of RBG Kew. The range has grown over the years and is still developing with more new products and colors on the horizon. They have been inspired by the homes that they have lived in, interior design, horticulture, their passion for the garden and travels throughout the world. It is their wish to inspire you with elegant, hand-thrown pottery from the most prestigious Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in England, where shape, texture, color and beauty mold into one form.

Each piece has a distinctive patina which represents hand-thrown bespoke craftsmanship with clean lines and classic proportions suitable for many uses whether in your home or on the terrace.

The designs will enhance both the indoor experience and the outdoor experience with a union of function and beauty. Please note, the pottery is not frost-resistant and will need to be brought inside during colder months.

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