Puppet Kit

Cate & Levi

$ 20.00

Each kit includes everything needed to make a one-of-a- kind Cate and Levi puppet.

  • reclaimed wool
  • detailed instructions and pattern
  • hand sewing needle and thread
  • our signature eyes

And the best part...Zero Waste!
When you have finished making your puppet, display proudly over the cardboard tube.
Want to give a gift of creativity...simply fill out the address sticker on the back of the tube and mail it.

Ages 7+ / beginner-intermediate / 4-6 hours to complete

Not sure you have what it takes to build your own puppet? It is easier than you think! Watch the quick video below from when Cate and Levi were featured on Martha Stewart and you will see, almost anyone can build them!

You can also create other playful puppets out of moth-eaten or ill-fitting sweaters with our simple how-to located at the above link - brought to you by Cate and Levi's very own, crafter Josh Title.

The Cate & Levi Collection is handmade at Josh Title's studio in Toronto, Canada. All the materials are sourced as close to home as possible. This process cuts down on shipping and reduces our carbon footprint. The choice of reclaimed wool reduces demand for new materials that require both water and oil for production. His goal is for these items to leave the softest possible pawprint on our planet. 

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