"Re-Bottled" Tumbler Made From Recycled Bottles

The Green Glass Company

$ 15.00
"Re-Bottled" Tumbler Made From Recycled Bottles

With one goal in mind to reduce the amount of single use plastic, the ReBottled tumbler is an over sized glass made from a reclaimed chardonnay bottle. It's the perfect drinking glass to get you through a work day, holding up to 20 ounces of liquid. It is sturdy enough to last longer than plastic made items and is our way of encouraging consumers to ditch the plastic and drink from the tap! ReBottled is a perfect gift for your eco friendly friends and family. ReBottled comes packaged in its own recycled carton and includes an info-graphic raising awareness on the effects plastic bottles have on our environment. A compelling case to use a tumbler made from reclaimed bottles instead!

100% Recycled Drinking Glass from Reclaimed Bordeaux Wine Bottle
Use: Water and Iced Beverages
7.5" h x 3"w
20 oz.
Dishwasher Safe: Place in top rack, use a mild detergent and a low heat cycle
Fully annealed

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