Salad Set Classic

La Maisonnette

$ 140.00
Salad Set Classic

This salad set comes in a wooden case, perfect for a gift.

The Laguiole knife has been crafted in France for over 200 years. The bumble bee found on Laguiole is an emblem of the area. The Laguiole knife started out as a folding pocket knife, its popularity rose in the late 20th century. A table knife was then developed, handmade by craftsmen whose skills have been passed from generation to generation. The blade, made of high grade stainless steel, is stamped, ground and the polished with over 25 manual production stages. Quality, an integral part of this company production is controlled at each step of production in order to provide consumers with pleasure and the assurance of a long lasting use. 100% Made In France

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